WOWZA! Where have I been? Well, I’ve been busy that is FOR SURE. My baby doesn’t sleep. Not at night. Not during the day. Okay, it’s not quite that bad but we have been having issues and between that and my new love for Sons of Anarchy I have been finding it hard to blog but I am over it and will get back in it starting now. I miss it. I love typing and getting things out and on paper. Well not paper but the next best thing :).

But about the sleep thing…

Kaden has been having some sleep troubles lately. Once he turned 4 months old he was a completely different baby as far as getting rest goes. His first part of the night is good but around 1:30/2 he has been waking up and then it just happens over and over again until around 5am when I just give up on trying to get him to stay asleep in his bassinet and bring him into bed with us. During the day he rarely naps and I think it’s because he is over tired. He will fall asleep during on me while nursing but as soon as I try to move him he is instantly awake. Sometimes I will get lucky and move him to his swing and he will fall back to sleep but I can’t rely on that and I really need a break. Eating is important and many days it’s nearly impossible for me.

Back in I believe September, before Kaden was even born, Trevor and I were at a baby expo and Trevor won a $400 gift certificate to a baby sleep consultant. We thought it was really cool that we won something but thought we would never actually need it. WELL, winning that $400 certificate was probably the best thing that has ever happened to us. lol It gives us hope and I am SO GRATEFUL FOR IT! But will it work?

Tonight is night 2 of working with the sleep consultant. We talked to her on the phone a few times and she took all of our information about Kaden’s sleeping habits and she came up with a sleep plan. It is very detailed and I really think it will work. I am really bad about getting overwhelmed with things to do and I am a big “list” person. I often get overwhelmed with things and just writing everything down helps. Because of this, I really like to have things organized in order of what I need to do so I can revert back to it. Sometimes I don’t even look at it again but just getting it out and knowing that I can look at it and that I have it all organized really helps me to calm down and relax. A set schedule when it comes to our day to day life will really be great for me and I will be able to work towards getting Kaden into a better sleep schedule.

Last night being the first night was a bit rough. He actually went to bed easier than I thought. The idea of this is to eliminate Kaden’s sleep props. The boob, the swing, being swaddled,… these are all things that play a huge part in getting him to sleep. The idea is to NOT swaddle anymore, eliminate feeding directly before being put into his bassinet, and not letting him fall asleep on me or in the swing. The main things to keep in mind is that consistency is KEY. We have to do the same things every day to really get into a sleep routine. Kaitlin has outlined all of this for us so we have a very detailed plan to follow. In short, we do the same routine leading up to bedtime.. Reading a book in between feeding and being put into bed, and then sitting with him until he falls asleep, offering comfort and soft “key phrases” that we repeat over to him, “Night Night time Kaden”.

This should be an interesting few weeks to say the least but Kaitlin has reassured us that things will get better and that this does work and she tells us that we just need to hang in there. Last night, putting him to bed went fairly well but the early morning was difficult and he ended up being up for the day at 5:45am. :S. He did have some great naps today though.

Tonight it took about an hour to get him to sleep and he has been sleeping for 2 hours with the exception of about 10 minutes when he woke up for about 10 minutes and then fell back to sleep ON HIS OWN! YAY!

Wish us luck as we continue to sleep train Kaden. We’ve been told the first 3 days are the worst. :)


Night 1.



Night 2.

LOVE him! <3