It’s that time again!!

YAY!! Trevor is on vacation again! Woo hoo. Another 9 days and I am so excited for it. I just love the feeling of having my family together and the weekends just don’t cut it. Although we had fun on our last vacation, this one will be even more fun because this is the one that we planned to do all of the traveling and exploring and stuff! We are going to go to the Zoo, the beach, the OCEAN (yay!). We’ll be visiting family and going out to eat at different places. Oh how I LOVE summer. Stay tuned for all of our adventures because I will be documenting it all here! :D

Oh and I also wanted to share some pictures that Trevor took the other day so I will this this post with some of them. He has been really interested in photography lately and he’s getting really good at it! :) Just keep in mind that I stole these ones from facebook so the quality isn’t as good as the originals. They were taken with a Canon Rebel XS DSLR and a EFS 55-250mm lens. :)


LOVE the lip! lol (Not sure why this one posted so small)


Best friends<3


Looking like a little boy and not a baby anymore…


Love him<3



People Pleaser.

Although I wrote this as a facebook post to put on a “mom group” that I am a part of, I decided not to post it there and to instead post it on my blog. SO here it is:


This is not mom related but I feel like this group is so great for giving support. I had a really bad experience this morning. One that didn’t really seem bad until I got home and started thinking about it and now I can’t STOP thinking about it and wanted to vent. I had an eye doctors appointment this morning. While I was waiting to go in Trevor, Kaden and I went into the room with the glasses and I tried some on. I found a style that I have ALWAYS loved and wanted and I tried them on and didn’t quite like them on so I was disappointed. The woman in there immediately started hounding me with different ones and handing me pair after pair without giving me any opportunity to look for myself and pick what I WANTED. Eventually I just walked away and starting trying what I liked on. I told her a bit about what I wanted and tried some on again with her and she would tell me “too big” “too small” “oh these are nice” blah blah. Finally she helped me pick out two pairs that I liked and my coverage allowed me to get both. Before we left I found a pair that were similar to the ones I really liked in the beginning and always wanted. They were a little smaller and Trevor said that he liked them, and I really liked them too. I wanted his honest opinion. He said he liked the two that I picked out before the best but that he did like these ones too and reassured me that it was up to me. I asked the woman what she thought and she said the other ones would be better for wearing out and about and that I wouldn’t always want to wear these ones out as they were funkier and ultimately she said that I wouldn’t want a funkier pair to be my only pair of glasses. (Because they were more expensive, if I got them I would only be able to get one pair in order to stay within my coverage.) I reluctantly went with what she said and got the two that I had picked out before. Now that I am home I am really upset. I feel like I let her decide for me and I just went right along with it. What is wrong with me? I feel like I am too much of a people pleaser and I HATE it. I see what she’s saying about maybe not wanting a funky-ish pair for all the time, but I don’t even wear them in public other than work because they are only for reading and the computer. I am so mad at myself for letting someone that I don’t even know and will probably never see again outside of that place, convince me to buy something other than what I had originally wanted before I even went in. When it comes down to it she really doesn’t care what I buy..It’s just her job to help, (although I feel like she was a bit pushy right from the start). This ALSO happened the last time I got glasses so it bothers me more now.. Generally when it comes to everyday stuff I have lots of confidence so why when it comes to a decision like that did I let a complete stranger have such a huge influence on my decision ESPECIALLY when Trevor said they looked good. I just didn’t have the guts to go against what the professional thought?? I guess it really bothers me because I NEVER want my son to give up what he wants for someone else’s opinion and it scares me that people pleasing to this extent will rub off on him. His father is nothing like that and I wish I could be more like him. Sorry this is so long but I just had to vent because it bothers me so much. Do any of you ever feel like you put others opinions before yours?

Thoughts?? I am SO bummed out and disappointed in myself. I learned a huge life lesson today and I will work on this because it’s just NOT the person I want to be.

“Item Doesn’t Ship to Canada”

“Item doesnt ship to Canada” – The MOST irritating, annoying, frustrating, (I could go on) words, that I could ever see while online shopping. When am I going to learn to CHECK shipping before I shop a site and fall in love?

Twice this week this has happened to me and it has happened several times over the years. The first time this week was with a company that I fell in love with. It’s called “Natural Life”. If you haven’t heard of it you should really check it out. They sell, clothes, accessories, bags, mugs, decor, etc., and they have a free spirit, retro, hippie type feel to them. I just absolutely love their “stuff”. I came across it at a card store in the mall where I live. I bought a mug from them and I just love it. The store only had a small selection and I couldn’t wait to go home so I could check out their other stuff on their website! I probably spent an hour looking at everything and drooling over it.


This is the mug!<3


Finally I deciding to add something to my cart to see how much the shipping would be. What happened next?? There was NO “Canada” option. Because Natural Life DOESN’T SHIP INTERNATIONALLY!! I was heartbroken!! I wanted to buy something so bad and I had just spent so much time getting my hopes up but now I couldn’t.

I decided that I would email the company just to ask them about their shipping and to see if they could see their company shipping to Canada in the future. They were VERY quick with responding. Probably only took about an hour to get a reply so I was really impressed with their service BUT, what did they tell me? They said that they were glad I liked their stuff and that if I wanted to order and have it shipping to Canada I could indeed do so but I would just have to place the order over the phone. No big deal right? I was instantly excited again. But wait,.. Then I read the next statement…”The shipping to Canada starts at $35 and goes up depending on the size of your order” WHAT!! THIRTY FIVE DOLLARS?? STARTING AT?? Who in their right mind would pay $35 shipping for a $20 item?? This response was no better than them just saying they didn’t shop to Canada. In fact, it was almost worse. I can’t even order more stuff to make the shipping worth it because that’s “STARTING AT”, depending on the size on your order. I wanted to cry. Really I did, because I had found a company that I had really liked and also because I had used Kaden’s whole nap (My precious time to myself) to look around this website that I now couldn’t even order from.

The next thing that happened was just this morning. I had been wanting to by what are called “chew beads” for Kaden for a few weeks now. It’s a necklace that you wear and it is made of silicone beads that are safe for your baby to chew on when they are teething. I have a necklace that is the same idea but it is a pendant. Kaden LOVES it but I wanted the beads because then there is more for him to chew on since the pendant is just small. The cost of these necklaces is roughly $30. The shipping was around $10. This is a little expensive but I really think it’s worth it because Kaden would love it and it would really help his gums. I can tell by the way that he is ALWAYS chewing on the pendant that he would get a lot of use out of this necklace as well.

I decided to take a look on Etsy just to see what I could find. I thought that since the chew beads were pretty simple looking that maybe I could get something that was similar but a little bit cheaper. AND?? I found some! They were pretty much the same thing but they were $15, so half the price!! I do like I always do and picked the colour I would want and added it to my cart. What next?? I had to select from a drop down menu which has two options, “Canada”, and “United States”. “Woo hoo, what a deal!” I THOUGHT… I clicked on Canada and “Oh no, not again”.. “This Item does not ship to Canada” (Or something to that nature).. I COULD NOT believe that this was happening again.

Looks like I will be paying double the cost for the Chew Beads! Hopefully I have now learned my lesson. I love Canada but this just doesn’t seem fair. When it comes to shopping we just can’t compete with the US. I am sure the companies/shops have good reason for not shipping here but it’s just so disappointing.

Sorry for the rant but I just wanted to get that out. Anyone else out there from Canada and have experiences like this?? I can’t be the other one that get’s all bothered by it, can I? :)