My growing family..(fourteen days in)

I’ve been pretty MIA for the last while. It wasn’t my intention but it seems the hours turn into days, turn into weeks, turn into months. We have had a very exciting year however, and over time with getting caught up again I will try to touch on lots of what has been up. But for the MAIN thing. BABY ABEL IS HERE!! We have had such a great 16 1/2 months with Kaden and we are so excited to be able to give him a baby brother. That’s not to say that the last 14 days have not been a challenge. It is one that I am definitely up for but I have a feeling there will be a lot of ups and downs. haha. :) It’s wild that no matter how much you talk to people and try to prepare yourself you just can’t prepare yourself until you are living it. I am sooo in love with my little family though. I can’t wait to dive right back into this blog and talk all about our little family of four. :) I am very out numbered now not just by 2 but now by 3 boys if i count Trevor, which I do. Time for myself if very limited and I have seriously tried to update here everyday for the last week but there just never seems to be time.

It is currently 7:53 in the morning. Abel is exactly 14 days old today and I just can not believe it. I find myself trying to soak much every second with him but I am also trying to do the same with Kaden. For me, there is a fine line between enjoying every little moment and watching them grow and learn, and breaking down crying because I feel like there is never enough time. I feel like trying to enjoy the time just reminds me that time is going by so fast. I don’t know if this is just me being extra emotional because I just has a baby or if that’s just a part of motherhood, or maybe even just a part of me but it is a struggle of mine that I am working on. I just love my babies to bits and wish there was more time in a day!!

Why is it that as we get older time goes by faster and faster?

Anyway I am off to hopefully enjoy a coffee before I have to tend to my mommy duties..:)






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