Tomorrow is a new day.

Tomorrow is a new day.. Well in this case, today is a new day, but those words were DEFINITELY my words yesterday.. “Tomorrow is a new day.” It was soo crazy yesterday trying to juggle both boys. Kaden decided that he wanted to run the roost and he was a little terror. lol I didn’t know how I was going to get through the day and posted on facebook that “Today is one of those days that I was warned about”. A while after I posted that status, a friend shared this on my time line.. Image

.. It brought tears to my eyes. It is so true and I began to realize that it might be a bad day, but tomorrow was a new day and things could start fresh and I just had to laugh off the hard times and enjoy my family and my boys in all of its pandemonium. I must have sent some good vibes out there because today was a great day spent with my boys filled with lots of love and cuddles.

I woke up bright and early this morning and decided that since Trevor and Abel were still sleeping that I would take Kaden and go for a walk. It was cool outside and so quiet. It was the most exercise I have had in months and months but it was awesome. We saw lots of birds, and even a ground hog and it was so nice to just get that one on one time with Kaden AND to also have the peace and quiet in the early morning hours.




Kaden instantly started laughing and giggling as soon as that stroller started moving and just before we returned back home a while later he was fast asleep. It was so nice and definitely a great way to start the day.

After getting to spend some quality time with Kaden this morning, I also got to get some extra cuddles from Abel this afternoon. He just loves being worn in the Moby wrap and he fell fast asleep.




Then there is this moment that was just the best of all..



Kaden sure does love his brother. This just melted my heart. .

Today I really realized that not everyday is going to be perfect but to always just stay positive. Yesterday was SOO crazy but today absolutely made up for it. It’s days like yesterday that make me appreciate days like today and for that I am truly grateful.



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