Slave to Facebook.

The last 4 days have been beautiful ones. I am finally starting to think that maybe there is a possibility that we will get a summer this year. With the sun shining this weekend, I decided that it would be a perfect time to take a break. From SOCIAL MEDIA. (Apparently that doesn’t mean my blog as it is still Sunday and I am typing away.) Anyway, I thought it would be a great time to just take a step back from social media, (mostly Facebook) and really enjoy some family time. It is 10:24am on Sunday and Kaden, Abel, Trevor and even Memphis are all napping so I decided to sit down, enjoy a cup of coffee and use this time that I would normally use to mindlessly scroll my news feed, to blog about how AWESOME it feels to not be a slave to Facebook for a day and still going strong. :P

I feel like so much of my days are taken up by Facebook. Over the last few week I have been noticing it more than usual. When it’s only 11am and your phone is already at 28%, you know that it is time to unplug. Now it is true that I have been using Facebook lately more as a way to talk with other moms in various mom groups to get advice about challenges that I have been facing with to adjusting having two under two, and that takes up a lot of time/battery power, and I have been using it a lot more when I am feeding Abel or when I am up with him in the middle of the night. It’s just getting to the point though, where my phone might as well be glued to my hand because it feels like I am constantly looking at it. So much so, that I can feel the anxiety due to feeling like I am truly addicted, when the first thing I do after we FINALLY get everyone into the car and I get my seat belt on, is check Facebook. It is literally being checked after everything I do, or even while I am doing it, and it makes me feel like a slave to it. And guess what? The news feed rarely even changes, which makes me feel even worse because I’m not even getting anything new out of it.. It is just pure habit. I Am A Slave To Facebook.

With all of that being said, I have got to say that it has made me feel so free being away from it all day yesterday and still today. I am thinking about making this a weekly thing where I will just completely unplug for the weekend from all things social media. (Except for my blog of course) and just really enjoy life free from distractions. Does anyone else do this? If not I really encourage you to do so. In fact, lets make it a challenge. Who wants to join me? I challenge anyone that is reading this and guilty of being a constant day in and day out, mindless Facebook news feed scroller (word press is telling me that “scroller” isn’t a word. :S ?) to unplug for a weekend and see how much better it makes you feel. I dare you! And tell me about it.

I really feel like I have been enjoying life so much more over the last 24+ hours and I don’t mean to be dramatic but it’s really true. I almost feel like unplugging has taken a huge weight off of my shoulders. It’s almost as if when I allow myself to be a slave to Facebook, even though I don’t realize it, my next “fix” or  glance at my news feed is always in the back of my mind. It’s all consuming and I can really feel the weight of that, or lack of weight I guess, when I step away. Is it possible that Facebook is a REAL addiction for people?

I have been able to enjoy this weekend so much.

Yesterday morning our family went for a nice long walk. And I am talking birds still chirping and singing their morning tune kind of morning. That is so not us. It was awesome though. When we set out we could still feel the chill of the morning but the warmth of the sun got hotter and hotter as we walked and it was just perfect.





After that we came back home for lunch and Kaden had a nap and then we took the boys to a local vegetable stand where they have farm animals and Kaden had a blast while Abel chilled out in the Ergo.




After that we visited the boys Grammy (Trevor’s mom) and Kaden had so much fun running around outside in her huge back yard.




The day just seemed so stress free and relaxed and because the amount of time I spend on Facebook lately has been weighing on my mind I really think that yesterday was the kind of day I needed. Who knows, I might even decide to delete Facebook all together. (Ok, maybe that is a bit to much all at once. haha)

The sun is shining again today and I can’t wait to see what it holds. I can’t wait to spend time with my beautiful family, no Facebook strings attached. <3

<3 Mama Marney



So yesterday.. Pretty uneventful. BUT we got BUNK BEDS!!

We didn’t end up doing anything fun yesterday really. The sun came out a few times but it was for the most part, cool. We wanted to go to the beach but decided to hold off until a hotter day. Today it much nicer out so when Kaden gets up from his first nap we are headed to the beach! I can’t wait!

So yesterday, like I said, was pretty uneventful. Trevor and I went to the store and got a few things and then he went to his sisters to help her take down the bunk beds that she is giving us. Although the day was kind of lame and boring, getting bunk beds was SO exciting. I remember when I was a kid I always wanted them. I was an only child until my step siblings came along but they didn’t live with us and I was 12 at that point anyway so having bunk beds never happened for me so I am SO excited to have them now. Haha This just makes my want for another boy that much stronger!  First thing I said to Trevor when he said he was bringing them home last night was, “Do you wanna sleep in them tonight?” haha.

Unfortunately that wasn’t an option because..


..this is what the room STILL looks like today.

Haha So needless to say, we weren’t sleeping in them last night. lol


Here is Trevor wearing Kaden in the Ergo for the first time yesterday while we went into Shoppers Drug Mart.. He was unsure at first but Kaden loved it so Trevor did too. So cute! :) I love my boys. <3.

A Lovely Day

So we had so much fun yesterday that I was too tired to blog about it when we got home last night! haha We came home and I was going to do some writing but all I wanted to do was go to bed.

We didn’t do a whole lot during the day yesterday. We went into town to run a few errands which I always enjoy doing. I love just being out and about with my family all together just doing normal, everyday things. Nothing terribly exciting, just me and my family. Kaden is big enough now that when we go to Walmart and places like that, he can sit in a shopping cart. It is SO adorable to see. He loves to look around and grab at things. Adorable :)

Last night Trevor’s mom came over to watch Kaden while Trevor and I went on a much needed date! :) We went to see The Purge. It was soo nice to get out. I don’t like leaving Kaden but I really needed a few hours to spend alone with Trev and it was great. He have only been out twice I believe without Kaden since he’s been born. Last night was the perfect refresher. The movie was awesome too and very creepy!!

Oh and I also forgot to mention that yesterday for supper Kaden tried chicken for the first time! We mixed it with sweet potato and he really didn’t know what to think. I can’t blame him. Pureed chicken? Ahh I had a hard time getting myself to test it out to see if it was warm enough for him. lol We are going to try it again tonight! :)

The sun is shinning this morning and I think we are going to go to the beach! I can’t wait :)


On our way to the movie! I love spending time with him:)Image

Dressed just like Daddy! These pants didn’t stay on him long. They are SO tight with his fluffy butt from his cloth diaper. haha


Ready to go to town!! Poor Memphis looks like she’s unsure as to whether she’s allowed in the picture or not. lol